Emma Sproat is an artist, design activist and art director working across mixed contemporary media and design.

Recently graduated from BA Design for Art Direction at UAL, she is currently based in London. She provides the grotesque and socially discarded with a platform to be shown openly and thought about intensely.

Emma's primary desire is to make noise with her work. A loud, unapologetic and unforgiving scream would be most preferable.

Emma determines to kindle thoughts and feelings of uneasiness, discontentment and disgust with her direct and raw narratives. Disturbing perhaps but real and unedited. By visually interpreting societal normalities with post-humanist philosophies in mind, she reveals the truth to those whose eyes and ears are blockaded.

Her practice fuses tight with her beliefs and truths as an active and outspoken animal rights activist and ecofeminist.

Emma is an artist, grasping the opportunity to educate others with her practice.

Emma is available for:
Graphic design, illustration work & other creative projects