Named as one of SAATCHI Art's 2020 Rising Stars - 35 Under 35, Buhle Nkalashe is an emerging artist that reflects on how culture influences a society.

Nkalashe is known for his contemporary artworks executed through large canvases. His work mainly consists of portraiture and abstract paintings which are made from a mixture of mediums (charcoal, acrylic paint, oil paint and oil pastels).

Fascinated by the idea of how patterns and colour can be a symbol of identity, Buhle’s art documents how African contemporary culture has evolved over the years to proudly incorporate traditional symbols that speak of its heritage.


His current work can be described as an exploration of how he sees the world and possibilities that come with it. Nkalashe has reconnected with his inner child and has been liberated by it. In this body of work, the artist shares memories and creativity he had when he was a child. He believes that by projecting the voice of his soul in these artworks, he can encourage others to walk in the journey very few do.

Buhle is available for:
Commission work