Tessel van der Putte (1994) is a Dutch artist and human rights scholar who makes abstract and feminist paintings.

From a young age onwards, she has been trained in fashion design, fine arts and art history - albeit most of the fine arts as an autodidact. Tessel has always been passionate about politically and socially engaged arts and intrigued by the use of creative expressions within different spiritualities. We see how colour, for example, plays a significant role in all her work, drawing back to symbolisms within the Ayurveda.

Especially on the topic of intersectional feminism, she uses painting as a tool of healing and storytelling. Her works are ultimately about introspection, aiming to reclaim and re-capture the experience and narrative of 'femininity'. Tessellated in cubist-like contrasts, light and shadow, the works carry a balance that embodies the dance of opposites: our feminine and masculine energy, and those dualities that we all carry within us.

Tessel is available for: Commission work for clients

Website: www.tesselvanderputte.com