Alex Rossiter - Why I started Kollectiv Kulture

Hey, I’m Alex, founder of Kollectiv Kulture. Last June, we were in a national lockdown and I was in serious need of some inspiration and direction.

I found myself feeling really flat and generally bored so decided, as I’m sure many people did, that I should start a new project. I soon found myself on Skillshare which is a fantastic website full of instructional and inspiring videos on how to do basically anything interesting.

I came across a lady (I can’t remember her name now) who was talking about her transition from employed to self-employed. Whilst this was no strange concept to me as I’d been a freelancer for several years, the way she spoke about categorising segments of your life, laying it all out in front of you and gaining a broader understanding of it, really excited me.

After some consideration and following some of her organisational techniques, I composed the idea which would eventually become, Kollectiv Kulture.

One thing I realised when founding the brand was that there are many other brands and companies doing a similar kind of thing. This is how I made the decision for all membership of the collective to forever be free to the creatives.

I decided that I wanted to create something which was malleable and adaptable to change and evolution. This has definitely already taken place within the DNA of the brand including me introducing the multi-media aspect, starting a podcast, blog & various video series’ and this mindset has helped it improve a lot from its original form.

A powerful driving force behind Kollectiv Kulture is the culture of creatives helping creatives. In a world of creative people being ripped off, pressured to work for free, un-noticed & un-appreciated, I believe that helping one another however we can is a vital part of our industry.

I have a great vision of what Kollectiv Kulture can become; a vast expanse of creatives from everywhere in the arts & music, starting projects, being a part of powerful & multi-faceted events, collaborating, using our website as the most accessible & useful networking platform for the underground arts scene and breaking boundaries in cross collaborative content creation.

I started this brand because through personal experience & seeing others take on these kind of challenges, I know what can be done when creatives come together & make stuff happen.