Jay Lennertz - A little more about the artist

Hey Doodz, my name is Jay aka J.doodlz! I identify as non binary and use she/they pronouns.

I was born and raised in Belgium, which means I speak fluent Dutch and English. But also understand basic French and German.

After I graduated high school I took a gap year with an exchange program that took me to a school in Florida. There, I started looking at colleges and realized the US just had more options for me in the art majors I was interested in. So I applied and got into SCAD. I’m now a senior and eager to work in the real world!

I’m a character designer, illustrator, graphic designer and storyboard artist. Phew what a mouthful! I mainly tend to work on school related projects which can range from making comics, to creating characters and pitches, to environments.

I am currently working on a pitch for an animated show that I’m super excited about. It’s going to be centered around a half-Black, part-Native American girl that goes on adventures with her Spirit bear, her super supportive mom and her adopted, gay, older sister! They fight monsters, the patriarchy and evil spirits to retrieve a stolen ancient relic that keeps nature in balance.