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Lea G - The Ultimate Guide To Creating Content for Social Media

Today a good social media presence is more important than ever. If people can´t find you on Instagram you practically don´t exist.

There is a lot of creatives out there who put up a loooot of content and it is so hard to stand out.

In this blog post I will share with you how to create content for social media that is true to your brand, keeps your followers engaged and informed and most importantly: stands out from the rest.

Before you post anything or even think about putting together a social media content strategy, I suggest looking at your brand first.

Start by analysing your previous posts - what topics were you talking about? What colours stand out? What type of content did you primarily upload and how did the different types perform?

What do you want your followers to see when they look at your feed/content? Make notes about all that, then summarise. Then you can then go and pick your favourites and make a plan of what will be working best moving forward.

An example for this could be:

Topics: music, films, cooking, veganism

Colours: green, pink, yellow, blue

Type of content: mainly photos but videos/reels performed better so I´ll do more of those in the future

Feeling I want my followers to get: happiness, safety, security

When you have this, you can then ask yourself how you can create more content using a similar colour scheme, theme, type of content and how to recreate and enhance the aesthetics and the feeling of your posts.

My favourite way of creating content ideas (after thinking and Figurine out about the above) is to find 5 different topics that relate to you as a person, to your music and to your brand. This can be anything from your love for food to your favourite Pokemon cards. The quirkier the better, some people might really relate to those niche interests and your longterm goal should always be to make meaningful connections with your fanbase.

Once you have those 5 things, think about content you can create using those 5 topics and how you can combine them with your music or the message you are trying to convey.

Make a list of the feelings/message to come across and then think of unique ways to show your audience what you want them to see.

An example for this could be:

Topic: Cooking/promote new single

Feeling: funny/wholesome

Content Idea: Reel/TikTok/Video of you cooking a meal themed to your new single (e.g. your song is called Lonely) - you´re cooking a dinner for one and the video shows you preparing the meal, setting the table, sitting down and eating whilst the new song is playing in the background. Then you can also use a relatable message like „I like being lonely when I can have my favourite meal cause that means I don´t have to share it with anyone“

Once you have noted all your ideas down it is time to go and make a plan of when you will post what. I am a firm believer in posting at least 5 - 6 times a week and to alternate between different types of content. You could for example post a photo on Mondays and Fridays, a video on a Tuesday, a reel on a Thursday and an IGTV or longer video on Saturday.

Don´t forget about your Instagram/Facebook stories too - they are what most people look at more than once a day.

Be interactive, be unique and clever with your ideas and most importantly be yourself.

The more you show your personality, the more your fanbase will be able to connect with you and the more they will then engage with your content.

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