Jack Doz is an independent producer, musician and singer-songwriter out of Tampa, FL. He has been crafting a brand that branches out beyond music and his location to create an expanded universe that ties his music and visionary aesthetic together into an iconic sound and image that is undeniably different, unique, and ambitious. He sincerely wants to be a platform and voice for those wrestling with mental illness, while also being a raging alarm towards worldwide injustice around the globe. Jack’s sound has taken a wide inspiration from his family’s roots within the United Kingdom, Jamaica and his early childhood home of Italy. With a familiar essence of 20th century pop culture and music, his sound is a revolving door of genre and he has recently capitalized on his genuine Love for British rock’n roll and early 90’s Brit pop by fusing it with the modern explosion of grime and drill to breed a sound that stands tall on its own; the beginning foundations of what will be the Jack Doz Experience. Welcome to the next revolution of music.

Jack is available for: Music production, songwriting.