Harley is a writer, theatre maker, presenter and performer with a passion for protest theatre and using creative visioning to build irresistible visions of the future. After studying dance and theatre for most of her life in Australia, Harley made the move to the UK in 2020 where she has focused on using her creative talents at the social movement organisation Animal Rebellion. Harley is a talented writer across many styles and forms and has experience teaching theatre to children, devising performances and building powerful protest actions with a creative element. Harley is a confident director and organiser as well as performer and is particularly passionate about event organisation, youth theatre and devised theatre as well as protest and performance art. A passionate collaborator Harley is keen to work with like-minded individuals on creative projects that span disciplines and seek to communicate a powerful message. Harley holds a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University with a major in theatre.

Harley is available for:
Stage/directing work

Blog: medium.com/@harleymcdonaldeckersall